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Naturist Resorts

With around half of its periphery surrounded by water, Portugal’s shoreline has been a source of attraction as well as a gateway to the rest of the world. There are many naturist beaches & resorts in Portugal.

There are quite many nudist beaches along the beautiful Portuguese coast, where nudity is the norm, not just with foreign tourists and residents but with the Portuguese nudists themselves

The country’s immense variety of sands and seascapes range from the rolling breakers of the Atlantic surf and wild isolation of the Azores to the golden sun-baked beaches of the Algarve and Porto Santo.

With possibly the best climate in Europe, Portugal is becoming an increasingly popular destination for the naked tourist – as well as expats looking for a permanent place in the sun.

The following list of nude beaches in Portugal is by no means definitive, as within reason you can go naked on any stretch of quiet beach, but it’s a good to always ask the local couples or watch what they do.

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Naturist beaches & Resorts in Coimbra

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Naturist beaches & Resorts in Alentejo

Naturist beaches & Resorts in Algarve