Are you thinking of travelling to Portugal for a swingers vacation? But you don’t speak much Portuguese or are not familiar with swingers Portuguese lingo? We have you covered!

Read on for some tips on the Portuguese swinging lingo, some great insights into the Portuguese swingers customs and how swingers clubs in Portugal operate.

Here’s a list of things you need to know about swingers clubs in Portugal to make your experience more memorable. Let’s begin with learning some of Portuguese swingers lingo:


Clubes de swing – swingers club

 Casais  – couples

Casal – couple

Liberais  – swingers

Casais liberais – swinging couples

O Swing – Swinging

Eventos – Events

Noites de festas temáticas – themed party nights

Festas – party

Horários – Times

Sexo – sex

Mulher – woman

Homem – man

Erotismo/ erótico – eroticism/erotic

Casais heterossexuais – hetro-couples

Casais do mesmo sexo – same sex couples

Trasnsexuais – transsexuals

Travestis – crossdressers

Singles/ solteiros – singles

Area social – Area in the club for socialising

Zona privada – Private area or play area


Now for some insight into Portugal swingers clubs:

Swingers club in Portugal open much later than what you’d expect. Portuguese, like a vast majority of European swingers, like to first relax to gather their energy for later. Swingers in Portugal like to first chill and then head out for an enjoyable dinner and drinks and only after that will they head to their favourite swingers club in Portugal.

Swingers parties in Portugal will start at around 11pm till the wee hours of the morning. Depending which area you are in, whether Porto or Lisbon, give the club you are heading off to, a call. They will include you in their guest-list.  From experience, swingers in Portugal like to hang out at the bar area for a while, dancing, drinking and making eye contact and small chat. After a while they head to the play areas and might invite you to go with them or you can make your way in when you are ready. The atmosphere in the swingers clubs is pretty relaxed and sensual, and you are going to end up having a good time. A large majority of Portuguese people speak English. They are hesitant in speaking at first but they will try their best to communicate with you. Portuguese are very hospitable and if all fails then you quickly learn body language is an international communicator.

Hope this tips will help you in your adventure in swinging in Portugal.